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    I specialize in academic editing and formatting, including journal publications, grants, and theses or dissertations. I have a strong interest in editing for non-native English speakers to create clear, concise prose and craft strong manuscripts.

    My skills as a professional editor can enhance your written work by making it cleaner, crisper, and clearer. Whether you need a quick read-through to reduce glaring grammatical errors or a comprehensive edit and rewrite, we can work together to improve your writing and achieve your academic goals.

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    I can edit any document written in English. My expertise includes:

         - journal submissions
         - academic papers
         - extension publications
         - grant applications
         - theses and dissertations

    In particular, I specialize in line editing and formatting academic papers to journal standards, structuring theses and dissertation to graduate school specifications, and helping nonnative speakers of English craft strong manuscripts for publication. I am proficient working with hard copy and electronic formats using Microsoft Word or LaTeX.

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  • About me
    Amy Bekkerman

    I have been editing professionally as the publications editor for the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. I am also responsible for formatting the journal, working with authors, and communicating with the Journal's publisher. I copyedit and format every paper accepted for publication.

    I have also edited and formatted work for the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation and various academic individuals.

    You can view my full credentials and experience on my Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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    Want to know what others have said about the quality of my work? Take a look at what these academics and professionals have had to say.

    "Amy's edits did more than improve the piece, they stayed true to its message while greatly improving the prose."

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    "[Amy's] changes improved the text so much that it was clearly visible even for me, a non-native speaker."

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    "[Amy] provides careful, consistent, and accurate line-editing services that greatly improve the quality of published manuscripts."

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    amy [at] precisionedits.com

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